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L.A. Noire on PS3

Okay, so I haven’t purchased a PS3 game since forever – (well obviously not forever but I’m being dramatic – humor me.) However, yesterday I indulged and bought L.A. Noire – Now, buying this was almost a must for me for a few reasons: 1. I’m a very big fan of ‘film noir’ – I think the […]

Britain’s Full of Talent!

Shows such as Britain’s Got Talent give us Brits a nice patriotic feeling. We watch them with a sense of pride because we are assured that from an island that has an abundance of gloomy weather and unreasonable traffic wardens, we bring forth some great people – yep, we can sing, dance, rap, act, write, and […]

5 “OMGSH I can TOTALLY feel myself blushing!” moments…

Image Source We have all been there before, those priceless moments that leave you cringing in embarrassment with an ego a third of its original size, somehow though – we don’t care that others have experienced it before when we go through it. LOL! Here are some examples: The ‘Strut-N-Trip’… Picture this: I’m listening to Chalie […]

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