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They don’t make ‘em like they used to…

Okay from me, that statement might be slightly premature (so older folk please don’t cuss me out until you read the rest of the post) – Along with millions of cheap football jerseys others, I represent today’s youth, but I still remember from my primary school days, some of the ‘special’ little things that made […]

Amy Winehouse: A British Treasure…

Image Source It is very sad news that as of today, Amy Winehouse is no longer with us. Of cheap jordan shoes course like many of you, I didn’t know her personally, but was, and will continue to be inspired by her amazing talent. She blessed the world with emotive, soulful and inspiring for music […]

8 of the most let-down movies I’ve ever sat through!

Okay firstly I should say that I’m a movie enthusiast, so I’ve seen a fair few films. Now of course, how good anything is, is always subjective & this post is purely that. -My- views on films I’ve watched (through gritted teeth) and not really enjoyed…or enjoyed somewhat but for reasons probably unintended by the […]

Dreama Featured on

“…Her music is full of metaphors, similes, and creative punch lines. […] jordan retro 1 Fully nfl jerseys shop artistic!“ – wholesale jerseys china Pierre ray ban sunglasses sale Kenal Louis, (Click here Ray Ban Sunglasses to read the full данного article)

4 trends you probably follow(ed) – but where’d they come from?

We all enjoy trends from time to time in whatever form we find them in. Some people enjoy a certain kind of style after seeing it on a celebrity (think Cassie’s half shaved head), some people eat and drink certain products because it’s the new “in thing” (think Moscato after Drake mentioned it) and so […]

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