Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s NOT on TV?

Image Source Be honest, we all like a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour đŸ˜‰ – so today let’s take a look at some of the things I’d put into that category. They come in the form of 5 banned TV commercials! After coming across these, I started to wonder what kind of individual sat in a room […]

Just Banana Sandwiches…

Image Source I had a really nostaligic moment just now & just wanted to share it with you…apart from this post being completely random, (and don’t panic, you’ll still be getting your dose of your Thursday usual) I just remembered something being nice about banana sandwiches when I was a child. I wouldn’t think of […]

The Aftermath of the UK Riots

Image Source The UK riots have been all over the news this week. Anyone that know’s me personally know’s that my views on the subject are clear: it is an appalling and embarrassing time for proud Londoners, who through no fault of our own, have now become the subject of worldwide news debates because of […]

How many of these can you afford?

Image Source Okay so sue me…the lollipop was a cheeky attempt to get you to look – did it work? Why am I asking you that – you’re here aren’t you!? How much did you pay for lunch today? Howabout dinner? Are you going out this weekend? Where to? How much is it to get […]