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Hometown Glory – Part One: A Proud Hammersmith-ian!

If  you didn’t already know, I’m proud to declare that I’m from Hammersmith, London 😀 ) If you know the place, you may have seen some of its beautiful architecture already (& yes, of course I’m biased…), Today, I wanted to really open your eyes & share with you just some of what we Hammersmith-ians […]

Some of the BEST ‘advert-music’ on television!

Image Source So the other day (and generally as a regular occurrence) I found/(find) myself breaking into song with the TV…during the commercial break of the programme I’d been watching and I figured, I needed no other reason that that to write this post! 😀 The following adverts are some of my favourites (for their […]

Wow – I think I’m in love!

With the newest addition to my collection – These beauties are the Adidas Hard Court Hi-Tops in purple, white & silver. Okay, if I’m honest – I love all my sneakers equally – the exact same way lying parents say they love both their problem child and their straight-A student as they stand together in […]

Live and love…

Image Source Today, I felt like I needed to write a simple post reminding myself, and you guys that nothing is more important than how you are feeling…and while I don’t mean that in a selfish way,  I do I mean it literally. How you feel affects others because when you’re in a good mood people feel […]

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