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Hometown Glory – Part Three: Hammersmith, What’s It Made Of?

The previous post in the Hometown Glory series looked at some of the wonderful pieces of architecture standing proud in and around Hammersmith. After getting some great feedback on that, I thought I’d go into a little more detail this time around by talking about where Hammersmith is in London, and what it is partner […]

7 Reasons You’re Seriously Missing Out…

…If you haven’t yet joined my mailing list! Only mailee’s will hear about NEW music first! Only mailee’s will get things for FREE! I generally just like to giveaway stuff – you know random gifts etc…but only for mailee’s! Mailee’s & I will automatically become email buddies (which I know sounds really lame (lol!) but Twitter & Facebook are […]

Team, I need your help! – Please vote for me!

Update: Competition now closed. Today I was featured once again on Amazing Radio – This time on a show called ‘Audition‘ hosted by DJ Charlie Ashcroft– it’s for emerging artists’ music to be judged by the masses (you guys) who vote for their ‘favourite track of the week’ – the most popular song will make it straight […]

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