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Dreama headed to Sweden for charity event

Image Source ‘I Am a Star‘ is a movement originally started in┬áMinneapolis, USA by the American Refugee Committee aiming to help tackle the very real problem of the food and drought crisis in Somalia. The campaign encourages people everywhere to use their time to effectively devise ways to raise money for those suffering. Here is […]

21 of the most annoying Twitter habits…ever!

Original image source If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I love it in all it’s 140-character limit glory! So this post is a ‘fun-rant’ :-P, I don’t love everything that happens on Twitter though, and usually if any of the below apply to my fellow tweeps, I tend to press un-follow, in […]

Are you growing?

Image Source You know that feeling you get when you challenge yourself & reflect on the outcome, good or bad? That feeling is growth. Growth is an amazing thing, it’s what makes a child become an adult, a bulb become a plant (I could go on, but I wont – although feel free to humour […]

Dreama’s HicPhonic! [Freestyle]

UPDATE: I was informed by Music Hiccup, that their YouTube account was hacked on Monday 19th March, therefore unfortunately the below video is no longer available. I apologize on their behalf for the inconvenience. I recently dropped a freestyle for the lovely folks over at Music Hiccup – check it out!

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