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Bonuses? – Balderdash! – I Want Ice Cream!

Image Source Now I like a bonus as much as the next tax paying employee but c’mon! We bid for it, we won it, we provided the space, a new shopping centre, a new village, extra transport, heightened security, that Orbit thing, and an expensive (and annoying) ticketing system where most people who bid for […]

It Doesn’t Matter

Image Source There is no “perfect” or “Ideal” anything. Moment Route Salary Meal Relationship Job Day Food Weather Outfit I’ll tell you why. Opinion. Opinion means that even if it’s 30° in London in July, you have the day off from work, money in your pocket and the “perfect” plan and you are so happy […]

When it comes to religion: does the majority rule?

Image Source Lately, worldly events have brought me to the following conclusion: the majority rules. “Obviously Dreama, that’s not news“, you think. Aah, I urge you to think about that because… …what the heck is “choice” if there is none? Lets take a scenario where you are born into poverty; you have no money, no […]

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