Monthly Archives: August 2012

Been there, done that?

Image Source Heard that expression before? – Of course you have, it’s a massive cliché, and one that carries a lot of greatness. Some of that greatness is in the fact that everyone has done something.  I refer here to absolutely anything – from screening calls, to burning toast and finding out there’s no more bread. […]

The party’s over, so who’s doing the washing up?

Image Source Before the London Olympics many precautions were taken to clean up the local area, ensure public transport was working great, that security were paid, and that strikes didn’t happen. It was almost that kind of “lets throw everything under the bed because we’re having guests over” mentality. Now it’s over, will people return […]

The London Olympics…and the Bits We Got Wrong

Aah, August: Home to summer and the finals of most events in the London 2012 Olympics – perfect time for a catch up & a chit-chat! So, lets… 🙂 The Olympics Image Source I loved the opening ceremony, I got all squealy and patriotic watching it at home with the family, I’ll admit it’s the […]

Trackbacks: REIFIER | Sweden | Adidas Competition winner and More!

As it’s the beginning of a brand new month, I felt there was no better time to update you on what I’ve been up to lately… Recent releases… My 4-track EP REIFIER (released on April 30th) has had some great feedback and I wanted to officially say thank you! 😀 So thank you, to everyone […]