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The 11 most popular ways to shut off your computer in a crisis

Image Source Picture any of the following scenarios: the dreaded BSOD (or Blue Screen of Death) makes an appearance and there’s no way out, all you can see is a scary percentage count at the bottom of the screen and the technical information makes NO sense! The computer has suddenly downloaded malware and is freezing & […]

Halloween, and the coffee flavoured Quality Streets

Image Source Life is like a big bowl of pick and mix; we hastily grab the things we want and pass up on the things we don’t – you know, like the coffee-cream flavoured Quality Streets in favour of the toffee ones. Sure there are rules in place, like everyone should have first refusal of […]

There is a forever, you’re just not allowed it

Nothing is forever, yet everything is. Mainly because forever for us, lasts as long as we do. A life span. But what scares us more, the idea that things will never change, or that they can’t remain the same? Your age changes, your personality widens, but essentially you are still you. The only you you’ll […]

Hope is underrated

Image Source It’s pretty much the  the job of the people paid to do it, to complain. Or, to say things that sound like things we should be annoyed about, so that we complain. News, radio, advertising – nobody’s content with a ‘happily ever after’. Our internet providers aren’t fast enough, our heating bills aren’t […]

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