4 trends you probably follow(ed) – but where’d they come from?

We all enjoy trends from time to time in whatever form we find them in.

Some people enjoy a certain kind of style after seeing it on a celebrity (think Cassie’s half shaved head), some people eat and drink certain products because it’s the new “in thing” (think Moscato after Drake mentioned it) and so on.

Usually, following a trend goes un-judged as long as it’s done tastefully but there ray ban sunglasses are those situations where Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys people go completely ape over trends they care to know nothing about – just because fake ray bans they think it’s cool.

Well cheap football jerseys china here’s some information you might find worthwhile…

‘Superman that Hoe’

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For those of you that don’t know, ‘<a ray ban sunglasses sale href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UFIYGkROII” rel=”nofollow”>Crank That’ was a catchy single released by rapper Soulja Boy back in 2007.

It did well in the charts, had me on the dance floor alongside my friends ‘cranking that’ knowing all the words, mastering the dance, getting hype in the club – but learning the meaning? Of course not.

It wasn’t until I found out that to ‘superman that hoe’ drew reference to a vulgar sexual act whereby a man ejaculates onto a woman’s back whilst she sleeps causing the bed sheets to stick to her back and when she wakes up it looks as if she is wearing a cloak (like superman), that I abandoned the song (and it’s dance) completely.

Totally gross!


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We’re told two Australian dudes created something called “the lying down game” which became a craze, whereby you lay stretched out, face down, arms by your sides in weird places, take a picture and Wholesale NFL Jerseys Bob’s Cheap Jordan Shoes your uncle…but wait just a second there- ‘planking’ is also said to have cultural ties to slavery.

During the 16th century, people captured in Africa to be taken to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade were stowed away on ships. The ships carried planks of wood, and those that were enslaved lay on these planks of 2 wood the same way people are doing today in those dumb photo’s they keep Tweeting.

Slaves did this in order to save space so that slave owners could pack as many on to the ships as possible (they were paid per slave so they were trying to make a profit).

It’s no secret that slaves were treated disgustingly throughout their lives – and while this trend has been argued to not be at all related to the manner in which slaves were transported, any relation is too close. Click here to read more (PDF).

Calling yourself a “PIMP”

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Pimping is a long time known illegal business activity and it’s not cool. Somehow the term that relates to a man prostituting women out for money has become the word some promiscuous men use to describe themselves.

Do they like the idea of shiny top hats and cheap looking suits, perms and silly shoes? – Not sure – but for some reason, they feel like a somebody when applying the term to themselves.

Blah – sure 50Cent’s track was catchy and fun back in the day – but honestly, taking this into the real world & trying to impress with it? No bueno. o(>.<)o

Arguing that the “N” word shouldn’t be offensive anymore (because the spelling has changed…)

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Okay so Kreayshawn & co. making the song ‘Gucci Gucci’ where the word was used, is indeed bad.

That ‘Purple Swag’ track by ASAP Rocky where the blonde girl at Документальный the beginning is miming the word is also bad – But ask yourself this, when was it ever really good?

Whether it’s used in music, film, theatre, food or whatever – any racial term that was once used offensively to a certain race will always have something negative about it – some people can tolerate it and laugh it off, others cannot.

At the very least, that view should be respected. You ray ban outlet can’t pick and choose when something should and shouldn’t offend people, continue to add to the issue by using nfl jerseys china the whatever offence it is yourself, and then get annoyed when it’s used against you.
It’s like cussing at a growing child who learns the cuss word and starts using it Cheap Jordan Shoes on you, and then beating the child for doing it. Monkey see, money do, and do again. So, if offended – do better & if not, this doesn’t apply to you I guess.

As time goes by, I’m sure this list will grow but by all means, if you can think of anything to add, or just want to vent, feel free to do so below in the comments…

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