7 Reasons You’re Seriously Missing Out…

…If you haven’t yet joined my mailing list!

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  1. Only mailee’s will hear about NEW music first!
  2. Only mailee’s will get things for FREE!
  3. I generally just like to giveaway stuff – you know random gifts etc…but only for mailee’s!
  4. Mailee’s & I will automatically become email buddies (which I know sounds really lame (lol!) but Twitter & <a href="http://www.facebook.com/DreamaTrademark" Wholesale NFL Jerseys oakley outlet target=”_blank”>Facebook are so “out there” sometimes & not everything is for everyone to see, right?)
  5. The emails will be nba jerseys sales  fortnightly or so – I’m too busy to overload your inbox, so my mailee’s wont have to worry about spam!
  6. My mailee’s can actually voice their views to me directly – tell me how they Cheap Oakleys feel & I’ll respond – I promise. <span cheap oakleys style=”font-size: x-small”>(Note: This promise does not extend to non-mailee’s)
  7. <span style="text-decoration: Fake Ray Bans underline;”>Most importantly, mailee’s cheap jerseys automatically become cheap football jerseys a part of my official ‘Team’ – which you know, automatically makes them cool – obviously 😎

So join me today! 😀 – I 2016-11-04 look forward to hearing from you soon!

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