8 of the most let-down movies I’ve ever sat through!

Okay firstly I should say that I’m a movie enthusiast, so I’ve seen a fair few films. Now of course, how good anything is, is always subjective & this post is purely that. -My- views on films I’ve watched (through gritted teeth) and not really enjoyed…or enjoyed somewhat but for reasons probably unintended oakley sunglasses cheap by the writer (like laughing at how bad the script is) … so here goes:

10, 000 BC

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Awful – this was hyped to be action-packed amazing-ness with hints of “300” and drops of “Braveheart” (or maybe that’s just what I wanted) – but it wasn’t. It dragged on for what felt like 4 hours, and seemed to travel through time-periods or something. I just remember thinking of other ways I could have spent that evening and other films that were playing that night.

Sophie’s Choice

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This film is quoted as being a classic, is referred to endlessly cheap MLB Jerseys in popular culture and is generally one of those golden-oldies that will outlast time.

Emotional it is indeed, but it certainly isn’t something I’d sit through again. It seemed to keep me in suspense for hours on end about the peculiar nature of the relationship between Sophie (played by Meryl Streep) and Nathan (played by Kevin Kline).

I wont ruin the endling, and what I will say is that in the cinematography and the actors’ abilities were stellar. That said, whilst the film translated well, I feel its length was far Документальные too long and I went Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses from being in suspense, to wanting to press fast-forward.

The Ex

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I admire cheap nfl jerseys Zach Braff I really do. Scrubs was excellent while it lasted and while I certainly wouldn’t say he’s typecast, watching this film I couldn’t take seriously (and yes I know its a comedy bear with me) the fact he was acting as anybody other than John Dorian. However, it wasn’t really that that ruined the film…it just wasn’t good. *shrugs*

Tropic Thunder

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This was ridiculously annoying and I actually remember falling asleep mid-film. I didn’t find the silly-humour funny – at all.

The only parts that stood out were the ones they showed in the trailer to advertise the film in the first place.

Usually with a comedy, it’s hit or miss – but this had an A-star cast so I just didn’t (and still don’t) understand why people kept talking about it (positively) weeks after it was released.


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Oh my goodness, this film Cheap Oakleys was hilariously-irritating. Now I’ll explain why. The concept is clear, a vicious python creeps the dessert, pounces on unsuspecting victims and the outcome aint good!

From what I remember however, they used the exact same ‘pounce’ scene for each victim which was so funny it was annoying.

Now there is a possibility that I’m remembering this inaccurately as it was years ago I that I watched it – but one thing I’m certainly not forgetting is how cheap it looked and how tacky it was.

The Watchmen

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Some comic book fans might disagree with me but here goes – this film was so boring that again, I fell asleep.

Now, usually I’d give the film another try, but not this one. The storyline was predictable, the dark, neo-noir aspects didn’t translate well enough – and most annoyingly, they marketed it like ‘Sin City’ which, in comparison, was an awesome film that knocks this one out of the park.

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls of the movie, was its length – it was far too long, or perhaps I’m just being hyper-critical but for me, this was a ‘once-and-once-only’.

Burn After Reading

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This movie had one main flaw and one only. It just wasn’t funny. Now call me hard to please, but if I buy something deemed ‘an outrageous spy comedy’ with an all-star cast, I’d like to think of it Cheap Jerseys as funny – I didn’t.


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I was late to the game with this one, I bought it only last year (2010) firstly because I wanted to see it and secondly because I’m a huge fan of both Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

You have to bear in mind nfl jerseys cheap that my expectations were based on  films like ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘You, Me and Dupree’, ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and etc. I thought this would be laugh-out-loud funny like those were, and instead I sat through nearly 2 hours of annoying accents and absurd hair-do’s (which actually was kinda amusing) but just not funny enough.

Now, to me, a film can only really be a let ‘down’ if your hopes were ‘up’ in the first place. If you initially thought the movie would suck, then it isn’t really a letdown when it does, it just means you were right. In saying that, if you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below…

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