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How to remain a student and become a teacher

In my opinion, knowing how little you know in the grand scheme of life, is perhaps once of the wisest traits you can have. That’s why it’s always a bit disappointing when somebody throws their knowledge around pompously, as if they did not start at the same stage as everybody else. And you know who […]

What if you replaced fate with reason?

Image Source Hating cliché’s is a cliché in itself, but the one about everything ‘happening for a reason’ is true. Even if you’re not spiritual it’s hard to deny, because logic isn’t subjective, it’s objective. That is to say that logic doesn’t take opinion into account. For example, the dictionary describes logic as: “Reasoning conducted […]

21 even MORE annoying Twitter habits!

Image Source If you follow this blog, you might have come across a post I wrote a few years ago completely trashing…trashy tweeters! Well folks, here we are again! Twitter has evolved since 2012, and with it, has its collection of (probably lovely) people, with totally unreasonable habits. So here goes round two! Do you?… Still have […]

Why your penny’s worth a million bucks

Image Source Some people want it all. And why not? “All” is enticing. Besides, the concept of having every part of something, is seductive. It’s why we finish everything on the plate, and gulp down the last draining of tea; leaving morsels of deliciousness behind, is ridiculous. And sometimes your all is tiny in comparison […]

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