COMPETITION: Win an exclusive pair of Adidas “Decade” Kicks!

It’s officially advent, and I’m feeling generous! 😀

If you’ve been watching, you’ll already have noted my intense love for the beautiful brand that  Adolf Dassler created. Now, I have these limited edition Adidas Decade lo-tops (for women, size 5.5 UK and 7 US) that are brand spanking new and ready to be worn, and I decided that instead of keeping them for myself, I’d actually give them away – I know, that’s bonkers right?

This being a competition, of course there’s a few questions you need to answer first 😉 – and they wont be a Google job either, these questions are a little more personal to me which means you’ll have to have been watching closely (or be a really good guesser) to get the answers right!


  1. I love a cuppa (a cup of tea) 😀  – and I have two favourite mugs featuring characters from Winnie the Pooh – Which two characters are these?
  2. Which (trashy) TV Soap do I make an effort not to miss?
  3. I love live music concerts! – Can you name 3 artists I have seen in concert this year?
  4. I ran into a football player back in September of this year & posted the piccy online – who was he and which football team does the  man in question play for?
Clue: Try having a little look at some of my older blog posts, as well as some of the social media sites I use (Facebook, Twitter etc…)

Send your answers and your name using the contact form above or by clicking here – Good luck! 😀 

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