An old, rusty, predictable, (sometimes vicious) circle?

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Folk who reference “the olden days” do so ¬†through rose coloured lenses.

A perfect time when you could leave Oakleys Outlet your door open and nobody would steal from your house – Or children could play knock-down-ginger, without the worry of some psycho being Oakleys Outlet on the other side of the door.

Forget the fact technology has advanced light discount oakley years,along with the way things are done, it was just “better then”.

I kinda think it’s all rubbish.

I mean, yeah things have worsened in Cheap nfl Jerseys terms of how often we’re bombarded with terrible news, an that’s mainly the doing of round-the-clock telly, but are things that awful or do they just repeat the same Cheap nba Jerseys “problems” over and over?

They Cheap Jerseys keep telling us:

  • Naughty food eaten Cheap Jordans Sale too much will make you fatter
  • Skipping school will be an issue if you plan on getting a decent job
  • Drinking too much beer, often, will get in you more drunk, more often
  • Talking on the phone whilst driving will increase the likelihood of an accident due to poor concentration
  • Stress causes all kinds of issues<br Cheap Jordans />
  • Employers will cut jobs to lessen overall payouts
  • The concept of Liquidation means that Woolworths was never invincible – loads of businesses have gone (Bozen), down the toilet…
  • Better technology nfl jerseys cheap means older technology will be phased out, sorry Kodak
  • Bad governments mean angry citizens who will eventually rebel…and so on.

We know, right?

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