Are drugs the new black?

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The signs were real man! Remember that post I wrote about the media claiming that shrooms could cure depression? And that other one about the things people take to escape oakley womens sunglasses from their boring realities? Well, today I heard that workplace drug tests from the last half decade, have shown that the number of workers testing positive for Class-A drugs has risen by 50% between 2007 and 2011! 😮

Jheeze! Class-A! That’s not the odd Nurofen pill or pea-sized amount of Bonjela. That’s not even wacky-backy. cheap nfl jerseys It’s stuff like speed and smack. Seriously? 😯 More and more Baratas Ray Ban people are taking hard drugs and then going into cheap nfl jerseys work? Is life so bad that this is what it has come to?

Hmmm…instead of just sensationalist reports in the media about things like Cheap nfl Jerseys drug-use, the overweight and rioting, I really hope studies like these help to highlight just how bad Cheap Jordan Sale things have gotten for people.

The general consensus seems to be that money, morale and quality of life are at an all time low…unless it’s all just a bit of a laugh?

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