Are you being controlled like a Sim?

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Remember The Sims? – Okay I was into this game for a while, kind of obsessed Wholesale nfl Jerseys with it I like had all of the expansion packs and stuff – yeah, I’ve said too much 😯 – anyway, it was definitely the best thing since cinnamon pretzels…It’s awesome though, it’s like you’re mayor; ray ban sunglasses with an overwhelming need to style and cook for people.

Anyway get this: The Sims might not just be an addictive game, we could actually be Sims! According to a recent discovery and theory proposed by Dr. James Gates, Jr. – we could be computer simulated post-humans.

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Dr. Gates’ theory is that there is evidence that our cheap nfl jerseys world is virtual and programmed, outlined by the discovery of what is called Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code – a code first invented by Claude Shannon in the 1940’s.

The discovery is that this mysterious code has been found to be embedded within the equations of “superstring theory”.

So, what exactly is superstring theory?

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It’s alot more complex than a few sentences will allow (and I’m no expert on the subject), but Superstring Theory is an attempt to illustrate all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature by modelling them as vibrations of tiny strings.
(FYI: the image above is just a piccy of threads that I thought looked pretty – it does not represent the actual strings)

Erm, the threads are pretty and all, but what does that have to do Teichwasser with us maybe being Sims?

Okay so, the Sims thing is Cheap nba Jerseys relevant because when you tie the two together you get:

The fundamental forces of nature <span style="text-decoration: Cheap Jordan Shoes underline”>plus the mysterious computer code equals: code that represents computer programming combined with code that represents the cheap jerseys wholesale world as we know it…

Come again? So there’s computer code within the code of nature?

Hey that’s the theory…

Now of course, whenever anything sounds as ‘out-there’ as this – the oakley sunglasses for men first evidence is usually a low quality YouTube video with ridiculous music and poor editing. So as not to disappoint:

Whoa! What?

Far out right? Now remember, this is just a theory, ray ban sunglasses sale a philosophy and is largely based on opinion, so don’t freak out…in case you’re interested, I’ve wholesale jerseys also included some audio below: a discussion with Oxford University Professor Nick Bostrom.

Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Argument – [Audio]

So, what do you think?

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