Are you growing?

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<span discount oakley style=”font-size: small;”>You know that feeling you get when you challenge yourself & reflect on the outcome, good or bad? That feeling is growth.

Growth is an amazing thing, it’s what makes a Cheap Jordan Shoes child become an Perform adult, a bulb become a plant (I could go on, but I wont – although feel free to humour nfl jerseys cheap me in the comments section below :-P) – We can often get trapped in a zone of comfort though, and sometimes we tell cheap MLB Jerseys ourselves that we are so comfortable there is no need for change.

Why cheap football jerseys attempt something new, when we have all we need already? ┬áBesides, (you think to yourself) that (insert “uncomfortable” thing here___) seems a lttle scary…

Well, the good folks at What is My Comfort Zone, have drafted up this nice visual, so have a look & then ask yourself…are you growing?

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