Are you in my corner?

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Support fascinates me.

The idea راهکارهای oakley sunglasses sale of being useful to someone is so Map simple, yet wholesale football jerseys china we constantly over-complicate it.

There are no double meanings, you discount football jerseys just turn up. What do you need? Money? A shoulder to cry on? Advice? You got it.

And Cheap nba Jerseys we expect it Wholesale nfl Jerseys even though we’re not Cheap Jordans owed it. We assume those we love, and need, have a mutual understanding of those expectations, and will just “be there”.

And when we’re broke, hungry or heartbroken we look for them.  But they don’t always show oakley sunglasses cheap up.

And there seem to be two universal reactions to Cheap Jordans this; disappointment or understanding.

We’re only disappointed when we truly believe we deserve something.

We’re always understanding when we don’t really expect anything.

But which would you rather be? The friend that disappoints, or the friend Cheap Jordan Shoes that nobody expects anything from?

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