Been there, done that?

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Heard that expression before? – Of course you have, it’s a massive cliché, and one that carries a lot of greatness. Some of that greatness is in the fact oakley womens sunglasses that everyone has done something. 

I refer here to absolutely anything – from screening calls, to burning toast NFL Jerseys Cheap and finding out there’s no more bread. 😯

We can all be a part of that phrase. Or at least that thought when someone brings up the thing you’ve done before.

Sharing our opinions on things we know about, to others, offers them a sense of security.

You know, like when someone has money woes and you say, “I know exactly how you feel“. Or, someone hates their job and you both partake in fake ray bans a meaningless conversation about just how crappy bosses can be – to show you actually know what it’s like.

There’s always that warm feeling you get when you Google a query, and nfl jerseys china someone’s already asked the same thing. You complain about the state of telephone customer services because of impossible language or dialect barriers, and someone else agrees. It’s a beautiful thing.

I feel like it’s kind of why we do anything. Such as going to the cinema with the big screens and the enhanced SFX (as if you weren’t familiar with a cinema) instead of waiting for the DVD release. Or read reviews about other people’s experiences; we care to share.

Now, this isn’t to say that we aren’t individual enough to discover great things without help, it only means that we’re, well, human. 😉

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