You were right the first time

Image source I talk about cliché’s a lot on this blog, partly because they’re annoying little pieces of life that we are obliged to abide by, and partly because I revel in how accurate they are. Sufficed to say they’re rearing their ugly head again for this post I feel compelled to share. I don’t […]

About the last conversation we had…

Image Source I don’t want to bond over alcohol but I enjoy a nice glass of wine when socialising. I’m not all that into ‘small-talk’ but in the right company I indulge in it for hours. I love silly movies but they’re not my favourite genre. Junk food is amazing – but I don’t want […]


Image Source Nothing lasts forever. Anticipation fades and time moves on. This process seems to accelerate with age; as a child the bright packaging of your favourite play-thing can amuse you for hours, yet as an adult the newest iPhone is “yesterdays news” the day after release. So what is the key to true fulfilment? […]

10 things Christmas 2014 taught me…

Image Source 1) The ‘Christmas spirit’… …Can’t be talked at you, or inspired by watching a re-run of trashy tele – it’s like believing you’re “the one” without the cool field-trip to see the Oracle, you have to feel it’s Christmas. Yeah, I just realised how lame that sounds, sorry. 2) The ‘light-coloured alcohol’ myth… […]

Christmas watch list…

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve, which isn’t actually a thing but is exciting all the same! The last hurrah in the shops, the first few sneaky mince-pies and eyeing up which tipple will go best with the Eastenders special… Aside from heavy consumption of chocolate covered everythings, I wanted to make a list of some […]

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