Why your penny’s worth a million bucks

Image Source Some people want it all. And why not? “All” is enticing. Besides, the concept of having every part of something, is seductive. It’s why we finish everything on the plate, and gulp down the last draining of tea; leaving morsels of deliciousness behind, is ridiculous. And sometimes your all is tiny in comparison […]

Everything you need

Image Source You’ve gotta trust the universe. Sure that sounds a little outlandish, but it works. Even though it’s been drummed into you that everything happens for a reason, you don’t believe it because you want the reason. Everyday has a plan, with or without your consent – sure we have free will, we can […]

Contingency plans

You’ve gotta refuse to have a bad day. To believe that crappy things don’t happen to you, but that you happen to them. Like this morning, I wake up ahead of my alarm, get ready on time. Just as I’m about to leave the house, I grab my bag and it’s damp. I look inside […]

Judgment of Solomon

It’s hard to be decisive sometimes, and sure Nike has been banging the drum all these years with the whole, ‘Just Do It‘ slogan – but it’s easier said than done. There’s an old adage that says, if ever unsure, flip a coin. As the coin is in the air and just before it lands […]

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