Bonuses? – Balderdash! – I Want Ice Cream!

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Now I like a bonus as much as the next tax paying employee but c’mon!

We bid for it, we won it, we provided the space, a new shopping centre, a new village, extra transport, heightened security, that Orbit thing, and an cheap nfl jerseys expensive (and annoying) ticketing system where most people who bid for the 100m finals, will instead be sweating 20 miles away in Wembley Stadium watching the volleyball.

Still, London have the Olympics, which is a very beautiful thing! 🙂

…But extra pay for doing your job ray ban sunglasses sale during this time? Extra pay for policing? Extra pay Unidad ray ban sale for TFL employees? I’m not sure how I feel about this. One the one hand, yes – we need security to be heightened and people to be cheap jerseys wholesale able to get cheap jerseys wholesale where they’re going…on the other, isn’t it the job cheap jerseys wholesale of somebody employed, to do what they’re employed to do?

I thought the rule was, Christmas holidays, bank holidays and any Farmer’s other general exceptions → extra money.

Is there enough extra left from the £9.3 billion budget for these bonuses?…

…because if so… yeah, what they hey – I’m asking: If there’s an extra nba jerseys sales few quid left over, can we (the general public) pretty please, all get free ray ban sunglasses sale ice creams?

If so, I’ll have a ’99 with Cheap Jordans a flake & syrup. Ta! 😉

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