Coincidence? – Choose.

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Hmm. Coincidence. What is it and why does it happen?

<p style="text-align: Cheap Jordans left”>A chain of events that seem related but that apparently aren’t. Or are they?

Like saying a word out loud and then hearing a character on a TV show say the exact same word right after.

Or having a craving for stir-fry and then having a friend buy that exact dish for lunch, without ever having talked about it together.

How does that happen? What is that?

Two choices:

You can denounce the idea of mystery and spirituality and replace cheap jerseys china it with chance, or Рyou can accept that cheap Oakleys sunglasses there is something mysteriously enchanting that causes these things to happen, something that warrants more than just a shoulder-shrug.

Now, mine were cheap jerseys two examples would have happened anyway:

The script was already written, cheap Air Jordans so the character would have said that word whether you cheap Oakleys sunglasses thought of it or not. But why did you think of it? Why were you watching that particular ray ban sunglasses sale show, at that particular time?

Stir-fry on sale is an invitation to treat.

Your friend is welcome to buy it whether you crave it or not. You might have craved it at home away from your friend and discount The oakley never have found out what he had to eat, so why oakley sunglasses cheap did you discover it instead of never knowing? Why did you witness your very craving at that time?

You have two choices. Choose.

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