Contingency plans

You’ve gotta refuse to have a bad day. To believe that crappy things don’t happen to you, but that you happen to them.

Like this morning, I wake up ahead of my alarm, get ready on oakley sunglasses sale time. Just as I’m about to leave the house, I grab my bag and it’s damp.

I cheap nfl jerseys look inside to see that a bottled drink I had in there cheap nba jerseys has mysteriously unfastened its lid and has let loose on the contents. Everything’s soaking wet, but thankfully, it’s nothing that can’t be aired out.

And I recall last night, when I went to get something from that same bag and out flew my favourite headphones instead.

Now, those badboy’s are pretty dope – but discount football jerseys it wasn’t what I was looking for – so instead of being annoyed by oakley womens sunglasses having to delve around in a bottomless bag, I put the headphones to one side and continued to search.

My point is, if the headphones had stayed-put last night, they’da suffered the bag-tsunami that was this morning!

Silver linings, eh? Have a great Wednesday! 😉

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