Go ahead, drink the Kool-Aid

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There’s an art to belief, just ask doubting Thomas.

Everyday it gets harder and harder to believe what you hear. To comprehend that the stories you do come across, are not actually stories. That your reality is either a beautiful nightmare, or a really questionable dream.

And there’s a running contradiction. Spend less & save (but sign up for this credit-card), eat less (whilst we broadcast show after show about cooking and eating), live-green (whilst we get planning permission to expand airports) – the list goes on.

Sure, we get given the odd “hero” or “heroic” moment – & we’re grateful:

Until the media gets its claws in, tears it all down – & leaves us questioning our own love for these “heroes”:

And we don’t ask who deserves the credit, because we already know.

William James said:

Belief creates the actual fact…” 

That, I believe.

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