False senses of security

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There’s a danger in routine. The minute you break it you’re lost. However, you look just as lost roaming around carefree, Cheap Oakleys without a cause.

It’s Where funny how cheap football jerseys china we crave the same security we question; jobs, relationships, law enforcement – all things that make us feel safe. However the minute these things falter, we wonder whether they were ever any good to begin with.

And it takes a shock event to realise that there is no certainty. A bad presidential candidate to realise how much we need a better ray ban sunglasses sale one, an amazing meal to realise the crap we’re usually served. But without those things we’re in the dark – and we’re happy there.

It’s clear as humanity, we’ll never be finished learning, but as long Oakleys Outlet as we take the little we know and amplify it for the masses, you know – what the weather will be like tomorrow, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale what wine goes best with lamb and etc, we’ll be just fine…right?

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Drabble

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