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Nothing lasts forever. Anticipation fades and time moves on. This process seems to accelerate with age; as a child the bright packaging of your favourite play-thing can amuse you ray ban sunglasses sale for hours, yet as an adult the newest iPhone is “yesterdays news” the day after release.

So what is the key to true fulfilment? To me, it is cheap nfl jerseys mindset. Imagination.

If it is true that ‘nothing is ever what it seems’ it is because what something “is” isn’t concrete. A “something” is an amalgamation of you. The shittiest of situations for me, might be the perfect opportunity for you. The music that sends my soul into overdrive, might bore you senseless, but both the situation and the song from my example, will only last until they’re over.

Over the holidays I tuned into the movie ‘Bicentennial Man’. Though it contained sweet comedic elements, and laugh-out loud funnies, the movie in it’s essence was a thoughtful drama filled with metaphors. In a nutshell, it kept asking the question of what it is to be human. If it comes down to the flesh and bones then a robot can never amount to this; Siri might be good, but Fake Ray Bans she doesn’t have an aorta, sorry.

My main point surrounds the idea of “meaning”. What a thing means, is generally (in my opinion) more important that what it actually is. If that wasn’t the case then the most horrendous of acts possible, could actually be okayed in today’s society.
Let’s take slavery as an example. Slavery meant treating people of colour as less than human, simply because the majority felt a superiority over them.

What that meant was demeaning an entire race of humans that lived and breathed and bled the exact same as their faux superiors. What that was, was soul-destroying and narcissistic but nonetheless, for cheap nhl jerseys a while it was allowed and accepted until what nfl jerseys cheap it meant, far-outweighed what it was.

I didn’t do the whole ‘new years resolution’ thing but if I were to choose something to work on, it would be reminding myself that every moment is fleeting, 02:56:28 both good and bad – and to revel in one but learn from the other, rather than placing too much emphasis on either.

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