Gaining from Loss

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Ever lost something valuable and wholesale jerseys china told someone, who then jokingly sang the infamous lyrics from Life of Brian? Infuriatingly funny, cheap nfl jerseys right? 😛

Anyway, even though it’s an annoying cliché, it’s pretty much right on the mark.

When you lose something, cheap nfl jerseys you automatically wholesale jerseys china gain something else (other than a bad mood) if you allow yourself nfl jerseys china to. – One of these things is perspective.

You get to see things clearly, for what they are.

Unfortunately, we often only understand the importance Cheap NFL Jerseys of something until we lose it, and then annoy ourselves thinking about how we would have done things differently had we known the future outcome.

How much nicer you would have been to your colleague today about <a Kozan href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap oakleys that huge email error (or something), had you known he was going through a messy divorce, how much more sleep you would have gotten rather Cheap Oakleys than staying up to watch the tele, had you known that studying would require you to be sleep deprived for years on end…

…This questionable little video illustrates that not everybody is affected positively Oakleys sunglasses Outlet by the whole ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ idea:

😯 However, I’m sure this doesn’t apply to you…and on a more NFL Jerseys China serious note, have you ever gained from loss?

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