A few things I’ve learnt about getting too comfortable…

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Being comfortable is something we all want & need: Jobs we thrive in, friends that know us, relatives that love us, and routines that drive us. Craving these things if they are missing is completely normal, but we don’t always know when the balance is lost.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we stray from comfortable into the scary territory of too comfortable…and if that happens, so could this:

a) If you make a loss, you won’t have seen it coming:

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As dramatic as the point sounds, it’s true.

If you are relying on one perfect routine, even if it works everyday, you are in danger of being too comfy. All it takes is for one cog in that wheel to stop turning before you’ll be completely lost.

For instance, look at Kodak.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Kodak jordan retro 1 are the photography and picture-technology champions, or at least they were. Then digital photography was born and Kodak didn’t join the club. Digital photography didn’t go away, it grew and grew.

People stopped printing photo’s they took on film, and started posting them online instead.

Then, Kodak went away

b) You’re probably missing out:

Image Source

Never settle.

Not for jobs that suck, relationships that are just so/so or even bad friends.

Not because there is some fantastic thing waiting for you that you are missing out wholesale jerseys china on (I’m not psychic, the next thing could be just as crap as the last) – but one day, you’ll probably wonder “what if?” – And if all you do is wonder – you’ll never know.

c) Small things will seem impossible:

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The Fake Oakleys less you Bulb often you push yourself, the scarier the idea of it becomes & the less you want to.

The funny thing is, the thing you avoid doing doesn’t even have to be a big thing, the simple fact that you are too comfortable with your current setup, can Wholesale Jerseys actually make even the small things seem difficult.

There’s a danger in abandoning things for too long – you’ll forget them.

Life thrives on habit. Forgetting the nerves and excitement that come with often necessary things even if those things are a little uncomfortable to do (such as going for a job interview or getting lost while travelling), just means that once you do experience them again, you may not handle them all too well.

So, you comfortable?

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