Halloween, and the coffee flavoured Quality Streets

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Life is like a big bowl of pick and mix; we hastily grab the things we want cheap nfl jerseys shop and pass up on the things we don’t – you know, like the coffee-cream flavoured Quality Streets in favour of the toffee ones.

Sure there are rules in place, like everyone should have first refusal of the toffee ones, and then there’s common courtesy, which tells us that being greedy and taking without offering is frowned upon.

Then there are traditions – Christmas, Diwali, Eid – in which we all take part. Even if taking part for us, means not taking part, cheap nba jerseys because of religion etc, we kind of still take part by virtue of informing everyone else that we don’t.

So it’s Halloween (tomorrow). An old pagan celebration that cheap oakleys lingers on. Most of us ignore it’s roots and the culture it’s so deeply embedded in because we’ve been seduced by luminous candy colours and impressive pumpkin-craftsmanship – no-one cares about that bit (much like the coffee-cream Quality Streets)…

Truth is, once we stop asking questions, it’s usually because we’ve pretty much stopped caring, or noticing or that Cheap Jordans we never really cared to begin with…

Halloween trivia:

What’s with the funny name?

  • Started by the Celts in Europe (who were Pagans) – Originally known cheap jerseys as the festival of Samhain.
  • Adopted by Christianity (just like Christmas) & was renamed Hallow’s Eve.
  • Was soon known in shorthand as Hallowe’en – eventually evolved to Halloween.

Why Pumpkins?

  • The Irish. You see, the Celts didn’t have Pumpkins. They used Turnips.
  • Irish immigrants who travelled to the USA  first used Pumpkins nfl jerseys cheap because they couldn’t find any Turnips there.

…and the sweets and cheap jerseys wholesale money?

  • Another adaptation. Originally people would leave fruit & nut on their doorsteps to cheer up wandering ghosts who came back to their old house. 😯

What about the scary masks and dodgy Spiderman costumes?

  • Used to be, people wore costumes to disguise themselves from any wandering ghosts they might wholesale nfl jerseys run into.
  • Now worn 03:06:09 to impress at parties and wow strangers into giving extra money/sweets.

Oh, and the lanterns?

  • Originally carved to scare off  any wandering ghosts, sort of like a “my dad is is stronger than your dad” scenario.
  • Now used to keep up with/outdo the Joneses next door.

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