How fast are you living?

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It’s Autumn. I’m sitting with a cuppa, Ray Ban Outlet thinking about the last few months, the top of the year – and how in 98 days it’ll be Christmas. 😯

Everybody says “time flies” but cheap China Jerseys it moves at the same rate every second. We talk about having “long days” when there are only ever 24 hours in each. We talk about how something “was only yesterday” when it was ages ago. We throw around the word “soon” even though it’s nowhere near close.

Everybody’s right. Time is manipulable – Not in a “back to the future” or a “glitch in the matrix” fashion. I’m being sincere. Not even in a “it’s all the mind” way, but really. Time moves as fast as you let it.

For example, when you stare at a clock actually ray ban sunglasses sale trying to pass jordan retro 11 the time, it hardly moves. The same way that a spider in the corner of the room can see you Sauerland, 기대출과다자추가대출 looking Cheap Jordan Shoes and so steaks you out. You nfl jerseys cheap leave the room to get the hoover (or whatever), and when you oakley sunglasses sale return, the spider is either doing the square-dance all over the rug, Cheap Jerseys or it’s gone.

Time is the same. If it were tangible, I’d say it’s almost as if it doesn’t want you to be conscious of it…

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