How Often Do You, Think?

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Ever heard of ‘The Butterfly Effect‘? – I’m not referring to the movie Starring Aston Kutcher, (which is a good film, if not slightly freakish), but rather the actual concept behind the term.

It relates to the idea that everything you do, has a direct impact on the world, starting with the people closet to you. Here, close can relate to vicinity as well as emotionally close.

If you think about it literally, it makes perfect sense. You Wholesale Jerseys have a cold  You настроения sneeze into your hands  You use a public computer and handle the keyboard and mouse  You leave.

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The poor victim who uses the same computer after you, is now covering their own nfl jerseys china hands with your cold virus  Without knowing, said victim unwraps a sandwich and cheap football jerseys eats it  The virus that was all over the computer, is now inside the victims body and he or she is very likely to catch your cold.

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The victim of your cold now goes home and feels too unwell to go cheap football jerseys into work the next day meaning the company they work for is now an employee down  Unbeknownst to them, the company has a surprise inspection Cheap Football Jerseys that day and the employee who was too unwell to come Fake Oakleys in, isn’t there to fulfill a vital task that helps the company to run smoothly.

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 Customer complaints are at a record high and because of that, the company fail the inspection and are fined  This fine was the last straw for the company and they are forced to close

This leaves many of it’s employee’s out of work and the stress from job loss results in a whole variety of problems for finance each individual that worked at the company.

This is just one example, cheap football jerseys but your every action makes a difference. Think…

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