Go on, I dare you!

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Guess what?  – We humans are wired into routine. The things we do day in, day out become mechanical to us, so much so, that we no longer think about them.

These things can include the food we buy, the shops we choose to spend in, the kinds of films we like and even our routes around town (unless otherwise forced to divert because of roadworks or tube-strikes), we do very little to change anything once we get used to it.

From time to time, this causes boredom. We start to grumble about having to do these things without realizing that we are the ones taking the choice to change these routines away from ourselves.

We become out own dictators, ordering ourselves to get up at the same time everyday when the alarm goes off and  get the same hot beverage from Starbucks before work.

We even have the tendency to blame other things for routine with blanket statements: “If it wasn’t for the economy, I would have phentermine more money” – or, “If I was lucky, I would have won the lottery by now” – well, although both statements contain elements of truth, these kinds of statements are counter productive, and just a bit ridiculous! 😯

I think we’re all guilty of this kind of thing, and we do it because it’s so much easier to make an excuse for our annoyances, than to find a solution for them. I dare you, however, to change one tiny thing in your life today. A different toothpaste. An alternative route to work.

A new purse to put your money in – or simply some new music in your iTunes library…that one small thing will make a difference in your life, simply because it wasn’t there before.

Never forget the wise words of William Cowper who said: “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour!” 🙂

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