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About the last conversation we had…

Image Source I don’t want to bond over alcohol but I enjoy a nice glass of wine when socialising. I’m not all that into ‘small-talk’ but in the right company I indulge in it for hours. I love silly movies but they’re not my favourite genre. Junk food is amazing – but I don’t want […]

7 ways to appear unprofessional

Life involves first being taught by people that provide a service, and eventually in employment, selling a service in some capacity yourself. Since this has been the case for centuries, one would assume that the least a person could do is try and be professional when conducting their business, right? WRONG! Every day, I am […]

What if you replaced fate with reason?

Image Source Hating cliché’s is a cliché in itself, but the one about everything ‘happening for a reason’ is true. Even if you’re not spiritual it’s hard to deny, because logic isn’t subjective, it’s objective. That is to say that logic doesn’t take opinion into account. For example, the dictionary describes logic as: “Reasoning conducted […]

A guide to afternoon tea (with acerbic undertones)…

Image Source In Blighty we love our traditions. If we’re not marvelling at the televised State Opening ceremony, then we’re certainly arranging a customary knees-up for a Bank Holiday. United we stand as an island of stiff-upper-lippers, making the most of our temperamental summers, forever uncertain about Daylight Saving Time, and whether or not we […]

Excuse me, your cup overfloweth…

Image Source Reminding, that’s what we need. That things aren’t as grim as we imagine, that it probably isn’t as freezing a winter as we think, that we’re just a little thirsty, not starving. And so spring finally kicks into gear, bringing with it London’s beautiful lines; the arches, the brickwork, the cobblestones – and […]

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