It Doesn’t Matter

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There is no “perfect” or “Ideal” anything.

  • Moment
  • Route
  • Salary
  • Meal
  • Relationship
  • Job
  • Day
  • Food
  • Weather
  • Outfit

I’ll tell you nfl jerseys shop why. Opinion. Opinion means that even if wholesale football jerseys china it’s 30° in London in Ray Ban Sunglasses July, you have the day off from work, money in your pocket and the “perfect” plan and you cheap jerseys china are so happy it’s starting to hurt to smile…

…Someone else, a stranger might be sat indoors, staring at a sleigh, reminiscing about that winter of ’63 (the coldest winter cheap nhl jerseys the UK has ever had) – when they fell in love.

To someone, summer could be a constant reminder of everything they hate. London might be too busy a city for them Fake Ray Bans and they might not have anything to smile about.

Now, frankly, Cheap Jerseys I don’t want to meet the second person. They seem like a real downer! 😯 – But you get the point.

“Perfect” or “ideal” are based primera on opinion. What you think, like and agree with, I might not. Does that make me wrong, cheap nfl jerseys shop or cheap nfl jerseys you right?

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