One for the Stoners: Back-Alley GP’s?

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Imagine (any of) the following scenario(s): You’re feeling a NFL Jerseys Cheap bit down, maybe your tyre was flat this morning and you made an idiot of yourself trying to be a hero in the rain on the hard-shoulder of some grey motorway, or perhaps someone has tweeted you the plot of next weeks Eastenders which has angered you…

Whatever it was, you’re not a happy про bunny & you feel depressed. Well, there could be hope. The power of the “magic cheap oakleys jordans for sale mushroom” or the Psilocybe Cubensis, the technical term for what are commonly know as “shrooms” – has been found to contain a chemical substance called “Psilocybin” cheap nba jerseys that could ease depression. Proposed originally by Professor David Nutt from Imperial College London, (the same guy who was fired for claiming LSD and “ecstasy” is less damaging to an individual than alcohol).

Now, I am certainly not an advocate of drug use, but I know when I smell a rat. I have a cheap jordans online feeling this is just about people with badges & diplomas wanting to legally issue in illegal discount oakley drugs they know to be as effective or more, than the  ones they already sell over the counter. Anything for a bit of extra wonga eh? – It is a recession after all! Be prepared for a future where cheap nfl jerseys your local doc can be found on the corner, field-testing legal “smack” on the local community.  He might look a bit like this guy…

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Disclaimer: Depression is no laughing matter & this article means no offence. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses It’s just an opinion, mostly on the drug thing…


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