Lets play the blame game…

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Everybody takes. Be it the p*ss, advantage or simply their time.

<p style="text-align: ray ban sunglasses left;”>We live in a world where طلائع to give is seen as weakness; giving a damn makes you a sucker; giving your two-pennies worth makes you nosy. But surely giving makes you more selfless than selfish?

There is one thing we don’t ever want though. ray ban sunglasses sale One thing that makes us cringe at the thought, run for the hills, and swear on our last cup of tea that the sky is green and the grass blue.

That thing is responsibility.

Who drank the last mouthful of milk? Who’s fault is it that the tap was left running in the bathroom? Who is to blame for whatever the issue is?

And sure, sometimes nobody is to blame. Sometimes responsibility is phantom and the only real issue is fate. But this makes life even more difficult than it already is.

And you think I blame materialism? That I’ll use Cheap Jordan Shoes the modern day as the reason for this attitude. But to say that, is to call myself naive; after all, did Eve not eat from the tree of knowledge?

Taking responsibility is courageous. Allocating it, isn’t.

And this makes responsibility a rare case; one where taking, wholesale football jerseys is better than giving…

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