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Today, I felt like I needed to write a simple post reminding myself, and you guys that nothing is more important than how you are feeling…and while I don’t mean that in a selfish way,  I do I mean it literally.

How you feel affects others because when you’re in a good mood cheap Air Jordans people feel good around you, and when you feel down in the dumps, others can tell and often feel awkward or bad around you.

What I think is even more important than that, is how you treat people who cheap jordans online feel blue Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys and what you do for them.

Personal experience has shown me the huge effects of cheap jerseys wholesale putting a smile on the face of a friend, family member or a stranger just because I know how good it makes them feel.

You can do something simple, like telling them a joke, or something bigger – like wholesale jerseys helping them fake ray bans out of a sticky situation, but whatever it wholesale nfl jersyes is, do it if you can.

I wrote a post a short while ago complaining about things I wish people wouldn’t do, discount oakley and point wholesale jerseys number 7 talked about how much I get annoyed when people give oakley sunglasses outlet something, only to receive something (in friendship) – I just believe that when you do something for someone, you should do it because you care about how it makes them feel & I promise, & if you do that, you’ll feel great too!

There are just too many stories of  about lonely, helpless, upset or angry people, and they always leave me wondering “what if…”

…So try & make someone smile today! 🙂

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