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I planned to start this post with some grovelling Wholesale NFL Jerseys apology about being away since July. Five months of no blog, to a keen NFL Jerseys Cheap reader, means I cheap oakleys either quit, or have been busy.

Thankfully for my old faithfuls, it’s the latter. But ask me exactly what has consumed so much of my time that Cheap Jerseys From China I couldn’t even Cheap Oakleys spare you a measly update, and there is no discernible answer.

As Cheap Jordans Sale with life, it’s been a smorgasbord of things, from neglect of my car causing me to have to brave the colder climates and public transport, to changing day-jobs and adjusting to a new commute. From exciting new friendships and nfl jerseys cheap flames 😉 – to ones that have since dissolved.

What hasn’t changed though, is my unforgiving but beautiful Type journey as an artist. To confirm – yes – NFL Jerseys Cheap there is cheap oakleys sunglasses new music being worked on, new stories to share and sometimes, time apart from the online world is the perfect way to ray ban outlet gather them and reflect.

It feels good to update you, and to breath new life into this blog – as to always, you can get in touch with me by email, on Twitter or Facebook or by commenting below…

What’ve you been up to?

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