Missing a Stranger

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Can you miss somebody you’ve never known? Somebody that has never known you? It’s that old thing isn’t it, not knowing the value of something, cheap football jerseys or someone, until you know longer have it, or them.

Recently, my mind ran on some of my favourite music growing up, and I remember thinking how amazing Michael Jackson’s music was…<span Cheap Oakleys style="text-decoration: Cheap Football Jerseys nfl jerseys china underline;”>is.

I remember watching the film “Moonwalker” (several times) and listening to the “History” album nearly everyday trying to decide which song was my favourite (they were all my favourite).

I also remember about 5 years ago, standing in the cold for 7+ hours hombre with a friend of mine outside of the Dorchester hotel ray ban outlet in London, with a small crowd of people who also knew Michael Jackson was staying in the hotel at the time.

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My friend and I stood huddled up in the crowds, staring up at the grand windows fixed for any signs of movement, hoping Michael would come downstairs. He didn’t. People were singing his songs at the hotel entrance, there was a boombox and this young boy was streets trying to do the Moonwalk dance.

The sense of community was lovely because just like when you go to watch a film at the cinema, or go to a music concert, everybody was there for the same reason.

Michael’s bodyguard was downstairs¬†among¬†the crowds, and out of everybody waiting in the cold, I remember him coming up to me to say hello.

We politely chatted and he made me Cheap Ray Bans laugh, but I just wanted to see Michael. It was either early spring or mid-winter, and when it got dark, everybody shifted around Wholesale NFL Jerseys the building screaming and then…a curtain moved, and from a darkened room emerged a figure in a small window, he waved.

I’ll never forget that day. x

I’ll end this post with a quote anyone that has ever missed someone will understand:

“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated” – Cheap MLB Jerseys Lamartine

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