Murphy’s law?

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Murphy and that old cliché.

If it can go wrong, it will.

If your late for an appointment and you haven’t driven in days, your engine will stall. If you are really hungry and there’s a particular food you want, they won’t have it in Morrisons.

Pessimistic much? Well, as with any grim view of certainty, it usually stems from mathematics. I mean, half of why we can’t fly is defined by the laws of Albie Einstein’s general theory of relativity. You do the math. (Pun seriously intended).

Back to Murphy though. Why is he taking the rap? It was actually this mathematician bloke malm called Augustus De Morgan that was first responsible for this way of thinking, when back in 1866 he said:

‘…whatever can happen, will happen if we make trials enough.’

Still, Murphy takes the heat. Wanna know something funny? This guy Murphy is actually reference to Edward Murphy, Jr. (his name’s Eddie Murphy 😀 ) – hilarious.

The story goes…

Eddie gets dubbed with this forever because of a feud with him and a rival Dr. John Strapp. You see, Eddie was an engineer who had a fair bit of trouble creating new measurement devices that actually worked.

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Dr. Strapp worked in the air force, and was researching what the human tolerance for g-forces during rapid deceleration would be. He carried out these tests using a crash  dummy strapped to a seat on a sled.

After the whole dummy, sled thing – he used himself in the test, I guess for a more realistic take.

Anyway, during the tests, questions were raised about the accuracy of the instruments used to measure the g-forces Strapp was experiencing, and Eddie suggested that he use electronic equipment discount oakley instead and this time, use a chimpanzee.

As exciting as it sounds, everyone was disappointed when the sensors read a big Wholesale nfl Jerseys fat zero!

They had been wholesale nfl jerseys loaded onto the machine backwards, and so didn’t trigger to get a reading.

Of course Murphy blamed his assistant and the Air Force blame Murphy. Other engineers in Air Force went off annoyed, cheap nfl jerseys including a fellow called George Nichols.

Nichols, in an interview about the failed experiment shed light on the topic of some of those secret discussions, revealed publicly that Murphy blamed his assistant.

Apparently the joint sentiment amongst the force on Murphy’s arrogant way of doing this was:

“If that guy has any way of making a mistake, NFL Jerseys Cheap he will.”

– so it’s a phrase that was said negatively about Murphy, by people that he disappointed.

However Murphy’s son disagreed with this. He believes that his father coined the term himself, rather than someone Loss saying it about him.

According to Murphy’s son, when the assistant made the mistake his father ranted:

“If there’s ray ban sunglasses more than one way to do a NFL Jerseys Cheap job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way.”

Meh. Either way we get it. Human error can eventually lead to sayings. Oh oakley sunglasses for men and Einstein Fake Oakleys pee’d on our parade with the whole relativity thing. 😛

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