My 5 favourite most annoying types of internet user

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The internet is a place full of promise, Unternehmen fun and endless discovery created for your procrastination…it’s a very beautiful thing.

As with anything, there are many different classifications of cheap nhl jerseys online user and as with everything good, there’s an opposite to that.

I’m looking at the annoying kind of user, you know the ones who make the internet interesting, funny and outrageous. Not the normal, reasonable <a title="Wikipedia" href="" cheap football jerseys china rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Wikipedia using, music-streaming kind – not us!

Today, I single out some of my favourites…


Trolls post nasty stuff on websites that people interact with, think YouTube, Facebook and generally anywhere you can leave a comment/your opinion. These douche-bags do this with intentions to get a response or responses.

They might not actually feel the way they say they so about the thing in question, but they say something negative anyway because they’re lonely, aggressive or both. – Avoid these people, they exist only to cause trouble ray ban sunglasses and get their kicks to the sound of your rage.


The haters of the fake ray bans online world can be slandered even more than those in real life. Because at least those in real life are okay to be publicised as being a hater.

The online kind hide behind screens away from the public with many of the qualities trolls have – leaving nasty little comments but these ones they Seru mean. Like the troll, the hater’s comments are unjustified but are cheap ray ban sungalsses based on ignorance rather than just wanting a reaction.

The hater will call something sh*t most probably out of jealousy and misplaced love.

They will keep up this self-righteous point of view until confronted by others and/or named-and-shamed, after which they will insult relatives and close friends of the cavalry who stood up for the thing or person being hated. (Note: For definition of The Cavalry, see below).

The Cavalry

If you have’t cheap authentic jordans heard of this kind, it’s because I named them myself – but you’ll recognise the traits. It is the job of The Cavalry to come to the rescue of those being trolled or hated on. Think Justin Beiber’s “Beliebers” or Nicki Minaj’s “Barbs and Kens”.

These guys will even cause criminal damage to protect  or show love to the things or people they love and have no problem giving as good as they get to a Hater of a Troll…four words: don’t mess with them.


These guys wind me right up! Emailing me 100 invites a week to places on the other side of the globe, tweeting me in CAPS LOCK about JOINING THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE, sending me direct messages about prizes I don’t want – go away, please.


Noobs (also known as newbs or newbies) are those folks who log onto a service like Twitter for the very first time and tweet something like “I’m new here, let’s go!” – Or they create a Facebook page and then install every add-on from Farmville to those really annoying ninja games after which they add everyone they know, they accept anyone they don’t that adds them  and then completely abandon the cheap football jerseys account after about a week.

Funny as that is, these guys can be quite annoying, especially if you’re shopping online and you like to read the reviews before you buy because these guys are the reason for complaints about the Mp3 player they just bought; because the shopping-cart process on the website was too difficult. 😯 Boohoo (not).

Don’t you just love the world-wide-web? 😉 – If cheap nfl jerseys you liked this post, then hopefully you’ll like my latest video CTRL+ALT+DEL.

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