Long before Hammersmith native Dreama rapped, she wrote prose and poetry, which continued to blossom when she paired it with melody and discovered her love of rap music.

Being an eighties baby and a nineties child, Dreama’s exposure to music was vast and included nearly every genre, as a result of her mother’s varied music collection and popular TV shows like Top-of-the-Pops.

Further access to new music began to rise with the internet giving platform to a larger audiences, which inspired Dreama to share some of her own sounds.

Initially, she didn’t share her music, and her first attempt at writing a song, which was around age 12, just for fun. Four years on, Dreama embraced MySpace; using a cheap voice over mic and very DIY sounding audio.

After receiving genuinely positive feedback from friends, the MySpace community, and people she trusted the opinions of, she continued to record and upload new music.

Dreama immersed herself in hip-hop’s history and growth, its old and its new – how it started with people with desires to share thoughts and feelings through expression, and how it continues to be that today.

After having fun with a series of freestyles and songs and continuing to gather feedback, Dreama officially embarked on her journey by independently creating and releasing her debut release A Dreama’s Reality

The mixtape gained great recognition, with tracks featured on both underground and mainstream radio (notably – BBC 6 Introducing, BBC London 94.9 FM, Spark FM, Amazing Radio), as well as number of interviews and features online, both in UK and overseas.

People have often related Dreama’s melodic tone to some of the “oldskool” greats (Ladybug Mecca, Monie Love, Shanice, TLC) – but with an added sharp (and often cheeky) modern-edge owed to her content and lyricism – However, it is Dreama’s originality and creativity that sets her apart.

Welcome, to Dreama’s reality…

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