L.A. Noire on PS3

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Okay, so I haven’t purchased a PS3 game since forever – cheap nfl jerseys (well obviously not forever but I’m wholesale nfl jerseys being dramatic – humor me.) However, yesterday I indulged and bought L.A. Noire – Now, buying this was almost a must for me for a few reasons:

1. I’m a very big fan of ‘film noir’ – Cheap Jordan Sale I think the execution & story behind noir & neo-noir film is  beautiful & weirdly enough over the last few months, I have been having an ongoing discussions with others about this very genre.

2. Rockstar are -THE BEST- at crime-based RPG’s in my humble opinion; The Grand Theft Auto series is brilliant (apart from that last one, meh) and games like the Italian jordan retro 1 Job & The Warriors were cool cheap fake oakleys too…

Anyway, Tugjobs yesterday I bought the game home and…lets just say, Elihuleft it has revived my love for the PS3. cheap football jerseys I have already completed a 3rd of the missions & cannot wait to play more…I Fake Oakleys have a feeling that errands will be delayed and phone calls returned at a wholesale jerseys later time when I’m playing this game…

The lines are sharp, the visual depth is incredible, the storyline is fast paced and exciting, I could go on throwing compliments at it or I could go cheap oakleys sunglasses & play it…*switches on PS3*…..

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