Proof that life will never be easy…

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Sure you’ll have peaks, and then valleys and then ice cream and a tearjerker playlist whilst oakley sunglasses outlet the only reasonable tele is every drama Tom Hanks ever starred in. Wait, have I said too much? 😯

The point – and to quote Ronan Keating: “Life is a rollercoaster” – although that sort of suggests that someone very elderly and dear is standing somewhere woozy, nauseous and wants cinnamon donuts…oops, I digress.

There is cheap nhl jerseys clear proof Wholesale NFL Jerseys that life will never be “easy” and those that wish for that are only wholesale nfl jerseys wasting time, Fiscal and it’s written into history:

Jesus was crucified. The Prophet cheap authentic jordans Muhammad was an orphan and could not read or write. Siddhartha Gautama gave up royalty for religion. Mother Teresa after committing to religion, never saw her mother or sister again. Martin Luther King  was a victim of harsh racism throughout his entire life and was eventually assassinated – this list could be infinite.

<p style="text-align: oakley sunglasses sale left”>If life was never easy, even from the dawn of cheap football jerseys time – why would you assume it would suddenly в change for you?

We cheap nfl jerseys sit wondering why it always rains on us and when the sun will shine – but the sun Cheap Ray Bans is always shining, somewhere…

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