Was my Saturday proof you can’t change fate?

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The bank (wrongly) overcharged me yesterday, but after a very trying phone call with a hands-off employee, they made it right.

The thing is, I had no idea 2016-12-13 they charged me at all. But before I went about my day on the 12th, I decided to check in with them; It was strange but I just had a feeling oakley womens sunglasses I needed to. I was right.

And it got me thinking about coincidences and chance. And then I had to run an errand. So I rushed out to the shops to do so.

<p style="text-align: Formal left;”>The joke is, my brother tells me not to worry, that he’ll go – I can pay him when he cheap nfl jerseys shop get’s back. I feel bad, I convince him that we can go together. He obliges.

And I’m walking, hands in pockets due to forgetting my gloves, and I’m clutching my card and a tenner I planned oakley sunglasses for men to spend.

The urgency of being in the cold, and being in a hurry meant that I just wanted to get back into the warm, my main thought.

<p Wholesale nfl Jerseys style=”text-align: left”>My bro and I are chatting, cheap China Jerseys I can still cheap jordans online feel the card and money in my pocket – we cross the road in a ridiculous manner, so much that I need to remove my hands from my pockets to jog.

There’s a crowd, my brother has bounced into the backdrop, and at that split second, I return my hand to my pocket; the money and the card – gone.

I cannot stress cheap jordans for sale the speed in which this happened. I’m not convinced it simply fell from my pocket either, although that’s possible.

<p nfl jerseys china style=”text-align: left;”>I immediately stop, cold oakley sunglasses cheap in my tracks (and literally cold, in London’s winter) – I call out to my brother, haphazardly explaining what’s happened, whilst still trying (but failing) to keep my cool.

<p oakley outlet style=”text-align: left;”>Despite this, I know the goods are gone, forever.

It’s slightly dark out in the early evening and we’re retracing steps, but nothing.

So despite winning my hard earned moolah back from the thieving bank, I lost some money anyway.

Coincidence? Ha!

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