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Contingency plans

You’ve gotta refuse to have a bad day. To believe that crappy things don’t happen to you, but that you happen to them. Like this morning, I wake up ahead of my alarm, get ready on time. Just as I’m about to leave the house, I grab my bag and it’s damp. I look inside […]

Don’t expect a thank you

From what I’m told by my elders, manners used to be customary. Putting aside the fact that we all usually swallow fistfuls of salt at an any sentence that opens with “Used to be…” or “In the old days…“, one thing certainly rings true; if common courtesy existed then – it is lacking now. And […]

Thank you for not having a filter

Image Source Nobody means everything they say. Am I gingerly calling us all liars? Perhaps. But like one of Pavlov’s poor dogs, deceit has been hard-wired into us since we first learned to communicate. And this isn’t me being dramatic either, think about it for a second. You’re told as a child not to react […]

The truth about Santa!

As a youngen, I knew he was fake, I wasn’t raised on that tale – but nonetheless, like many others – I used to think of Santa as a portly fellow with a penchant for red clothing (and a disliking of razors.) Even as a bedtime story, a fairly-tale concept to sweeten the idea of […]

The 11 most popular ways to shut off your computer in a crisis

Image Source Picture any of the following scenarios: the dreaded BSOD (or Blue Screen of Death) makes an appearance and there’s no way out, all you can see is a scary percentage count at the bottom of the screen and the technical information makes NO sense! The computer has suddenly downloaded malware and is freezing & […]

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