Respect is not a gift…

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People chime on about how cheap nfl jerseys they want to wholesale football jerseys china be respected all time time…and too right, they should be. However – never forget, that whilst no-one is better than you,  you aren’t better than anyone either.

Now, I won’t pretend the world is perfect and that we live in an era of mutual respect and love – Aretha did’t make that song for no reason! 😛 – Yet, Wholesale Jerseys respect is not a gift, it must be earned.

This obviously doesn’t mean you should be treated like dirt until you move the earth, or jordans for cheap discover life on another planet, but means, in my opinion, that you should treat anyone you meet with respect, and then expect to receive it in return.

It starts with you…

(The image above is that of George Galloway, now Cheap Jerseys leader of the Respect Party in England and Wales)

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