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I prefer the rain to fair-weather

I like to know what I’m getting. It’s like my love for Eastenders, people question why I continue to watch it, year after year when it’s full of depressing story-lines and unrealistic character traits – and I say, exactly. True, sometimes it’s trashy and other times it’s heartfelt, but come rain or shine it’s on […]

Don’t expect a thank you

From what I’m told by my elders, manners used to be customary. Putting aside the fact that we all usually swallow fistfuls of salt at an any sentence that opens with “Used to be…” or “In the old days…“, one thing certainly rings true; if common courtesy existed then – it is lacking now. And […]

Poverty? Are you having a bubble?

This morning there was talk of poverty in the UK on the TV. First, there was some correspondent, talking about parents having to miss meals to feed their children then Arlene Phillips (former SCD judge) said she agreed that there is an issue with children not having access to things like technology, and certain other amenities like […]

The London Olympics…and the Bits We Got Wrong

Aah, August: Home to summer and the finals of most events in the London 2012 Olympics – perfect time for a catch up & a chit-chat! So, lets… The Olympics Image Source I loved the opening ceremony, I got all squealy and patriotic watching it at home with the family, I’ll admit it’s the only […]

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