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I met a “chugger” who told me he wants out!

No really! It was a few weeks ago, I was buying lunch and lost in the sound of my music (headphones on) avoiding all eye-contact with these charity muggers (which I might suggest is also cockney rhyming slang, but that’s another story) and there he was. All smiles and arms extended, trying to stop me […]

Dreama headed to Sweden for charity event

Image Source ‘I Am a Star‘ is a movement originally started in Minneapolis, USA by the American Refugee Committee aiming to help tackle the very real problem of the food and drought crisis in Somalia. The campaign encourages people everywhere to use their time to effectively devise ways to raise money for those suffering. Here is […]

Hometown Glory – Part Four: Help a London Child

Image Source part three of the Hometown Glory series, so I’m excited to share this one with you! So let me guess, you’ve eaten ridiculous amounts of your favourite sugary and salty (but oh so delicious) food, you’ve slept in late enough each day that getting dressed seemed pointless, you’ve watched your entire movie collection, […]